Corpus Synodalium

Local Ecclesiastical Legislation in Medieval Europe /
Législations ecclésiastiques locales dans l’Europe médiévale

This is a database-in-progress of extant local ecclesiastical legislation issued across Latin Christendom from ca. 1215 - ca. 1400. The corpus includes mainly diocesan statutes and provincial canons, but other genres appear on occasion. Currently, the database includes 1100 texts, with roughly 250 still to be added. Most of these texts have been taken from modern and early modern editions, but others have been transcribed directly from manuscripts.

Spelling and editorial conventions vary considerably, whether in medieval manuscripts or their modern editions. The main corpus preserves this variety, but an alternate version is available in which the most frequent variants have been normalized (e.g. v->u, j->i, ae->e).

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